DEEANA. (shot_screamers) wrote in 77_squad,


NAME: Deeana
AGE: 16, (turning 17 on december 11)
LOCATION: Tamarac, Florida
SEX: female

New York Dolls
Richard Hell & The Voidoids
The Vibrators
The Replacements
Teenage Head
The Undertones
Dead Boys
Forgotten Rebels
Iggy & the stooges
Nick Cave
FAV.MOVIES: Spinal Tap, Crime+Punishment in Suburbia, Airheads, Phantasm, Ghostworld, Benny and Joon.
FAV.BOOK: "Does kissing a girl who smokes taste like licking an ashtray?" and "Metamorphosis"
FAV.SONG: hm, as of right now, Forgotten Rebels - Surfing on heroin

What's your thoughts on... (FEW WORDS, PLEASE)
Who was the Best and Worst band in 77?
Best: Voidoids
Worst: Sex Pistols

What shows have you been to? Oh, quite a few. But i must say the most memberable was last week in Miami. I went and had the pleaser of seeing New York Dolls. They blew me away.

When did you Start Getting into 77? a while ago, cant really pin point and exact age, but i can say well over 3 years.

Why do you want to be a member of this community? There are some pretty cool people here. You all seem to know and like some really good stuff, i'd like to be part of it.

Post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself/your style
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me and my dog, t rex
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